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Automatic line for filling liquid or semi-liquid products into unsteady standing bottles

The automatic line includes a cell conveyor, which allows readjustment for operation with unsteady standing plastic bottles, similar in size. The stable positioning of bottles is ensured by adjustable longitudinal restrictors and fixed transverse restrictors on the plate conveyor The dosing system consists of 4 cylinders for volumetric dosing and 4 three-way valves with independent pneumatic control. The dosing can be regulated. Orientation of the caps is performed by one vibratory feeder. Caps are fed to the bottles by one inclined chute. The screwing of the caps is performed by screwing heads with adjustable torque. At the outlet the bottles are pushed out automatically on the feeding conveyor for the labeling machine, or onto a turntable.

The construction of the automatic line incorporates up-to-date components, manufactured by leading companies well-known world-wide: controller (SIEMENS), geared motor (SEW EURODRIVE), low voltage equipment (TELEMECANIQUE), pneumatics (FESTO or SMC). The design is modular. The automatic line includes the following modules:


Control unit


Filling unit;


Unit for orientation and placing of caps;


Productivity 60 bot./min.
Dosaged volume 20-1000ml
Supply voltage 3x380V/50Hz
Installed power 3kW
Operating pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Dimensions 6000x2400x2000mm

Plovidv 4004
Aleksandar Stamboliiski str. 5-G

tel./ fax: 032/ 676 699
tel./ fax: 032/ 672 913