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Filling machine for liquid air fresheners in PVC packages


The automatic machine is designed for filling liquid fragrances in PVC packages. It is based on 12-positional rotary table. Dosing and movement of the needles is performed by servo-leading mechanisms and other actuating mechanisms are controlled by linear modules with stepper motors. Feeding of the packages become from store magazine. Sealing of the package is made by hot jaws. The control of all processes is performed by a programmable controller SIEMENS.


Productivity 60 pc./min.
Dosaged volume 1-10ml.
Supply voltage 3x380V/50Hz
Installed power 4.8kW
Operating pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Dimensions 1030x2550x2100мм

Plovidv 4004
Aleksandar Stamboliiski str. 5-G

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